• Reconditioned Striker Sensing Switch, 86-87 Hatch Pull-Down Unit
Reconditioned Striker-Sensing Switch
for the 1986-87 Camaro or Firebird hatch pull-down units

GM discontinued this striker-sensing switch in 2003.

Description: It is a small black plastic switch, mounted next to the latch with one screw.

Function: The function of the switch is to sense the presence of the hatch hook, and power the unit down. When it reaches the end of the cycle the reversing switch (sold separately) will be flipped by the lift rod and turn off the unit. The unit will remain powered off until the latch is released either manually with a key or by the hatch solenoid. At this point the striker-sensing switch will sense open (because the hatch hook is no longer pressing against it) and the unit will be powered up until it reaches the end of the cycle. Pressing the switch again during mid-cycle will not stop it from continuing the upward travel. If the hatch hook is not moved far enough away from the latch when released (often a symptom of weak hatch struts), then the latch may re-latch onto the hatch hook as it powers up during the up-cycle. In this case when the unit reaches the end of the cycle (heard by a click of the reversing switch being tripped by the lift rod) the striker-sensing switch will now sense the hatch hook and IMMEDIATELY return the unit to its down position.

It includes the complete wiring for the 1986-87 F-Body hatch pull-down unit. It comes without the relay. If you also need the relay, order the relay (TDS 208180) as well.

Troubleshooting: When the striker-sensing switch begins to wear it will operate erratically. Sometimes it will fail to sense the latch hook, thus failing to energize the motor to pull the hatch or trunk closed. If you have to fiddle with the switch to get the unit to power down, then it is time to replace it.

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Reconditioned Striker Sensing Switch, 86-87 Hatch Pull-Down Unit

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