Core charge defined

In this guide we will define what a core deposit or core charge is.

In order to obtain used parts (cores) to rebuild and resell, Top-Down Solutions (TDS) imposes an additional charge (a core deposit) on top of the purchase price of some of the parts we sell. The buyer pays the core deposit at the time of purchase.  After receiving their new refurbished or re-manufactured part, the buyer will send back their old part, or "core".  Once the core is returned to TDS and it has been inspected to ensure it is rebuild-able, the core deposit is refunded to the buyer. If there are problems with the core that effect its being refurbished (broken or missing items, etc) this will be noted and the customer will be informed why the old part did not qualify for a full refund of the core charge. 

In the end, having cores for these items is crucial to both the consumer and TDS. The customer saves money at the same time enabling TDS to both recycle and resell a part that would have otherwise been worthless.  This also helps make rare or discontinued parts available to be refurbished and re-sold.  Recycling previously used parts is good for the environment, and good for business.