• Headlight Motor Kit: 1997-1999 Corvette C5 (Brass)
Brass Headlight Repair Kit for 1997-99 Corvette C5.

If your headlight actuation unit makes a grinding noise when turned on or turned off (usually this will happen at the full open or full closed position) this is the classic symptom of a bad headlight gear. This kit will repair your headlight motor. If you do not repair or replace your headlight actuation unit once this begins to happen, very soon the headlight will fail to rise at all. If your car has the factory alarm/remote door locks the headlights may act funny if you have a headlight actuation unit that is in need of repair.

In most C5 Corvettes by the time the gear has failed the OEM black rubber bumper inside the gear is also in poor condition and should be replaced. This kit includes an aftermarket rubber gear bumper that is molded of a tougher rubber than OEM.

The OEM plastic gear and the rubber bumper are the weak parts in these headlight actuation units. Once rebuilt with the new heavy duty CNC brass gear and aftermarket rubber bumper the headlight actuation unit will be better than new and should last the life of your car.

Kit Contents: CNC machined brass headlight gear, aftermarket rubber gear bumper, side cover gasket, packet of synthetic grease, installation instructions. One kit repairs one headlight actuation unit.

NOTE: There are differences in the headlight actuator units used on the 1997 and up Corvettes. The 1997-99 motor assembly has an aluminum case with a removable side cover held on with 3 screws. The 2000-04 motor assembly has a glued on side cover. In this case the cover needs to be pried off (split the case at the factory glue joint) to replace the worn gear. Also be aware that if you have a 1997-99 C5 Corvette there is the possibility that one or both of the headlight actuation units have been replaced with the newer 2000+ style. To be sure you order the correct kit you need to verify if your headlight actuation units are plastic or aluminum. The aluminum housing was used on the 97-99 C5 Corvette. It has 3 screws holding the side cover on. If instead you find it is made or molded plastic, as was used on the 2000-04 Corvettes, then you'll need to order TDS 500310, 2000-04 Corvette C5 Brass Headlight Gear & Bumper Kit. The swap to a newer style headlight motor can occur because the 1997-99 style motors are no longer available through GM. If a previous owner or a GM dealer has replaced a headlight motor in a 1997-99 they may have installed the newer style.

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Headlight Motor Kit: 1997-1999 Corvette C5 (Brass)

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