• Headlight Motor Kit: Deluxe headlight repair kit
Repair kit for Firebird, Corvette and Fiero headlight actuation units

Are you tired of your headlights failing to rise when energized or acting erratically? Repair your headlight actuators easily for a lot less than buying new units!

Repairs the following vehicles:

CHEVROLET: Corvette (1988-96)

PONTIAC: Firebird (1987-92), Fiero (1987-88), Sunbird (1988-94)

BUICK:  Reatta (1988-91) 

LOTUS:  Elan (1988-02), Esprit (1988-02) 

OLDSMOBILE:  Toronado/Trofeo (1990-92).

Description: If your headlight motors run without stopping, yet they fail to raise or lower the headlights, this rebuild kit will solve your problem. If the motor doesn't run you may have a problem with the wiring, headlight switch or headlight control module. If one headlight actuator unit has failed, the other probably isn't far behind. This kit contains enough parts to replace the bushings in two headlights. Inside the headlight motor unit is a large nylon gear (see picture) that is driven by the worm gear on the motor shaft. This nylon gear originally contained 3 solid gel bushings that transfer the load from the gear to a 3-lobe cast hub that is part of the actuator shaft. These bushings harden and crumble with age, breaking down to roughly a spoonful of crumbs. At this point the gear will no longer turn the hub to raise and lower the headlight assembly. Instead hub will just free wheel on the gear.

This headlight repair kit repairs two headlight units. The kit consists of precision machined, CNC machined close-tolerance solid Delrin bushings. These replace the OEM gel bushings and makes motors operate like new. Three bushings repair one headlight motor assembly. This kit also includes two new side cover gaskets and a motor housing gasket. Two new zinc plated washer-head screws and nuts to mount the motor housing mount are also included, since the heads of the OEM screws often snap off on disassembly. A packet of synthetic grease and a 4-page detailed instruction sheet are also included.

More than likely the OEM gel bushings are all that have gone bad on your headlight actuation unit. A few customers have discovered that a jerry-rigged repair was previously done on their headlight actuator unit, so a new gear was required. If you find out you also need a new gear order TDS 504040 Aftermarket nylon headlight motor gear or TDS 602221 Aftermarket CNC machined aluminum headlight motor gear.

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Headlight Motor Kit: Deluxe headlight repair kit

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