• EZ-Store Door Alignment Tool

F-Body doors are long and very heavy. With time gravity will cause the door hinges to bend and sag. The door will then hang up on the door striker bolt as you open the door. Test the condition of your door hinge bushings, since that can also cause the door to sag. With the door open, grab hold of the bottom of the door and lift. If you have movement in the hinge it is time to repair the door hinges. Door hinge repair kits are in the Body and Interior category.

This tool is very compact in size, saving space. It fits easily into your tool drawer. No long, heavy bar to store! Uses a 3/4" socket and your breaker bar for leverage to quickly and easily restore sagging hinges to their proper alignment. Saves you time, since you won't have to hunt for the shop tool.


1. Insert the reversible latch pin for the car being repaired.

2. Connect the E-Z Store Door Aignment Tool to the door latch.

3. Place a 3/4" socket and your breaker bar onto the hex on the E-Z Store Tool.

4. Secure the open end of the E-Z Store Tool against the latch pin or loop on the door frame.

5. Raise or lower the breaker to adjust the door.

6. Un-latch the tool from the door and close the door to test the alignment.

7. Continue adjusting until proper alignment is achieved.

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EZ-Store Door Alignment Tool

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