• Hatch Pull-Down Repair Kit, 86-91 Camaro or Firebird

Hatch Pull-Down Repair Kit for 86-91 hatch pull-down units.

This kit includes the most commonly needed items to repair the 1986-91 F-Body (Camaro and Firebird) hatch pull-down units. These hatch pull-down units have a metal frame. There was a mid-year change in 1991. If your 1991-92 pull-down assembly has a tan-colored plastic molded frame, do not order this kit.

Kit Contents:

TDS 101170 (Aftermarket Nylon Guides) including instructions

TDS 109111 (Gear Nut)

TDS 103121 (Reinforced Motor Housing)

packet of blue marine synthetic grease

If the motor in your pull-down is still in good working condition without bearing noise, then this TDS 204040 Hatch repair kit has the parts you'll need. If the motor is bad in your pull-down unit, then order TDS 300310 Deluxe hatch repair kit instead which includes a new motor.

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Hatch Pull-Down Repair Kit, 86-91 Camaro or Firebird

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